RECAP: Sold Out Crowd Brings a Great Night at Flat Rock Speedway!

RECAP: Sold Out Crowd Brings a Great Night at Flat Rock Speedway!

June 10, 2023 -- In the biggest crowd of the year thus far at Flat Rock Speedway, the 2023 CNV Enterprises School Bus Figure 8 would be an early sell-out, with a 5 PM announcement for the sell-out. This is the fourth consecutive School Bus Figure 8 sell-out at Flat Rock Speedway.

AJ Padgett would complete the ellusive "Flip-and-win" in the 2023 CNV Enterprises School Bus Figure 8, which only BEGINS to describe the action that came with another beautiful Saturday night in Metro Detroit.

The festivities would be in action all day, as fans tailgated in the parking lot for hours before race-time and packed in the hill, as well as the granstands at Metro Detroit's home track. Young and old race fans alike were treated to an action filled night with photo finishes, new winners, and a number of wild moments along the way!

In the Moran Chevrolet Outlaw Super Late Models division, Justin Schroeder would take the fast time in qualifying with a lap of 11.869s over 2022 division champion Eric Lee, as well as Chris Benson.

In the R&M Recycling Figure 8 division, Greg Studt would take the top time with a lap of 20.964s, setting him up for a big day in front of a big crowd. Studt would be followed by Dennis Whisman Jr as well as Billy Earley.

Moran Chevrolet Outlaw Super Late Models

Heat Winners: Stan Yee Jr, Rob Randa

RJ Cornett started the 50 lap feature from the pole next to Stan Yee Jr, and the two drivers began in an impressive side-by-side battle for the first four laps of the feature. Yee Jr would pull away on the outside, as the top five would settle as Yee Jr, Cornett, Pelletier, Benson, and Schroeder.

Paul Pelletier would pull to the inside of RJ Cornett on lap 8 and pull ahead of the rookie in the 8 car. The 51 of Chris Benson would follow on Lap 10, but not before the first caution of the night on lap 12 would come. The number 99 of Joe Genise would go around and the number 53 of Joe Hawes would go around

On the restart, Benson would take over the runner-up spot on lap 13, with Justin Schroeder in the 4 sliding into third, 2022 division champion Eric Lee into fourth, and Conner Zbozien in fifth.

At the halfway point, Stan Yee Jr would lead over Chris Benson and Justin Schroeder who engaged in an impressive battle for second. Schroeder would pass on the outside as both drivers fought for grip. The battle would take north of five laps, and Eric Lee would take the opportunity to also  attempt a pass on the outside.

On Lap 36, Schroeder would close on the #33 of Stan Yee. With lapped traffic to work with, the top five of Yee, Schroeder, Benson, Lee, and Zbozien would race nose-to-tail with Schroeder itching to make a move on the outside. Yee, however, proved steady on the inside and would hold on for his first victory of 2023!

Justin Schroeder would come home second, followed by Chris Benson, Eric Lee, and Conner Zbozien. Joe Hawes and Rob Randa would follow up next, with Derrick Sheppard coming home in 8th. RJ Cornett and John Ledwidge would finish out the top ten.

This is Yee’s tenth feature win, his first in a wide margin of time. He becomes the fourth feature winner in four races for the Moran Chevrolet Outlaw Super Late Models division, proceeding wins by Justin Claucherty, Chris Benson, and Brian Bergakker from earlier this year.

The Moran Chevrolet Outlaw Super Late Models division will return next Saturday, June 17th 2023 with JAC LED Autograph Night! Click below for more information.

R&M Recycling Figure 8 Division

Heat Winners: Jeremy Vanderhoof, Eugene Worden

In the R&M Recycling 20-lap feature as the second leg of the night, Greg Studt would take his second feature win of the year after an impressive battle with Dennis Whisman Jr.

Studt took the lead at the start of the feature and would keep it for the first portion of the event. Positions would hold relatively steady until an incident involving the #31 of Jakob Lee would occur on lap 14. 

This would set up a big restart on lap 14, where the two contenders of Studt and Whisman would have contact after the restart. 

Studt would pull away after the quick battle, and take a big win in the R&M Recycling Figure 8 division.

This is Greg Studt’s 38th all-time Flat Rock Figure 8 feature win.

Dennis Whisman Jr would come home in second, followed by Jeremy Vanderhoof, Billy Earley, and Chris Cox in the #49 car closing out the top five. Travis Earley and Joel Markin would come next, followed by Eugene Worden, Stephanie Bradley, and Jakob Lee closing out the top ten.

The R&M Recycling Figure 8 division will return next week as a part of JAC LED Autograph Night!

Flag Pole Race

Kevin Stepinki would take an early advantage for the first 5 laps in his #53 machine that won last year, but he would be reeled in by Billy Earley in the familiar Joel Markin #14. With a move that delighted the crowd, Earley would take the lead, and the race, winning in a big Flat Rock tradition.

Boat Race

In the boat race, Kevin Stepinski would take a big victory as his boat stayed shore-side through the duration of the event. He sailed his vessel into Monroe Asphalt Winners Circle for a big feature win, and celebrated in front of the sold-out house.

Bus Figure 8

The School Bus Figure 8 would start with a healthy roster of buses, headed by AJ Padgett and Dennis Whisman Jr at the front of the pack. The two drivers would race side-by-side until the first red flag of the day, when Jack Franzil would tip over in his Dunwell Dry Goods #56 Hot Wheels Bus. Second to flip would be AJ Padgett, who would flip in his CNV Enterprises sponsored bus. Finally, Kyle Worley would flip in the Budget Tire blue bus shortly before the checkered flag.

Padgett would go on to win in the School Bus Figure 8 after a side-by-side battle with Dennis Whisman Jr until the checkered flag, with him edging out at the line to create a BIG finish to a great race.

Up Next

Racing returns to Flat Rock Speedway next Saturday, June 17th for JAC LED Lighting Autograph Night!

At 6 PM, there will be an autograph session in the pit area for only the second time in speedway history, after the success of the first one back on May 20th as a part of the ARCA Menards Series East Dutch Boy 150. The R&M Recycling Figure 8 Divison will be in action with the Moran Chevrolet Outlaw Super Late Models, as well as the DTS Drive Train Specialists Street Stocks divison, who will be making their return to action for the first time since their 50-lapper from June 3rd.

Click below for more information!

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