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**Prices may change due to rescheduled events; please call if in question. Prices listed General Admission.
**Reserved seating available for: June 8, August 31.  Call 734-782-2480.  Racing at 7 p.m. unless noted.
LM-Late Model; F8-Figure 8; SS-Street Stock; LMSP-Late Model Sportsman Gen. Admission Pricing
*Advance sale races: advance sale ends day before race at 5 p.m.              
DATE EVENT ADULTS-GA KIDS 6-12              
28-Apr Motor City 200: Sunday Special!  CRA Jeg's LM-100 laps, ICAR Mods-75 laps, CRA Jr. LM-25 laps  2 p.m. start $20 advance/$24 $3              
4-May LM, F8, SS. Scout Night! $15 $3              
11-May Autograph Night--walk on the track, meet the drivers! LM, F8, SS, Bandoleros, TKC Karts. $15 $3              
18-May Kid's Night-kids to age 12 FREE and free hot dog! 250 lap Enduro, F8, SS, Bandoleros. $15 FREE              
25-May Joy Fair Memorial: 100 laps ARCA LM Gold Cup Series, plus SS.  Racer's Reunion. (rain date 6-1) $20 $3              
1-Jun LM, F8, SS, TKC Go-Karts.         $15 $3              
8-Jun School Bus Figure 8 Night: plus LM, F8, Boat F8, Flag Pole Race.(Reserved-$19 all ages) Rain date 6-15 $18 $3              
15-Jun Michigan Figure 8 Championship-40 laps, plus SS, Vore's Compact Touring Series.         $15 $3      
22-Jun Level Pebble 200: ARCA/CRA Super Series Late Models-100 laps, ARCA LM Gold Cup-100 laps, F8. $20 advance/$25 $3              
29-Jun Enduro 250, plus MCR Dwarf Cars, SS. $15 $3  
6-Jul Firecracker 150/FIREWORKS!!! LM, SS-50 lap features, 20 lap SS B Main, 30 lap F8, Bandoleros.(features only). $16 $3              
13-Jul Autograph Night! LMSP, F8, SS, FS, Bandoleros. $15 $3              
20-Jul Stan Yee Memorial 150: ARCA Gold Cup LM-150 laps, plus F8. (LM 150 rain date 7-27) $20 advance/$25 $3              
27-Jul Stan Yee Memorial 150: (rescheduled from July 20):  ARCA Gold Cup LM-150 laps, plus F8, SS. $20 advance/$25 r. day $3              
Aug. 3 Street Stocks-100 laps, plus LMSP, Bandoleros, TKC Go-Karts.Kids Power Wheels Derby.   $15 $3              
Aug. 9 Friday Nite Special! Kid's Night:  Kids to age 12 FREE and FREE hot dog!  Enduro 250, SS, F8. $15 FREE              
Aug. 17 LM, F8, SS, Bandoleros. $15 $3              
Aug. 24 LM, F8, SS Season Championships $15  
Aug. 31 School Bus Figure 8: plus SS, F8, Flag pole race, F8 Boat Race!  6 p.m. start! (Reserved-$19 all ages) $18 $3              
  Rain date Sun. Sept. 1 at 6 p.m.                          
Sept. 7 Enduro Championship-250 laps, SS, Bandoleros. 6 P.M. START! $15 $3              
  (SS and LM Championship rain date if needed).