Flat Rock Speedway | Know Before You Go

Flat Rock Speedway | Know Before You Go

Find Your Tickets

When you order tickets on the Flat Rock Speedway website, an account is created using the email address you enter during checkout. To access your tickets, log in to the website using the email on your order. Then, go to Orders.

  • Make sure to have your tickets ready to go before you arrive at the front gates on race day!

In this article

  • Where to find your tickets
  • If your tickets are missing

Where to find your tickets

You can access your tickets in your account via the Flat Rock Speedway website on mobile phone or print.


    • Log in, tap your Profile in the top right, then tap “Orders”. 
        • Find your order and tap on it.
        • Tap on “View Tickets” to access the QR code that will be scanned upon entry on your phone.
    • Note: Make sure to set your phone’s brightness to its highest level before entry!


    • They'll be delivered to the email address you chose when you bought them
    • We'll email you with a PDF for you to print at home

    If your tickets are missing

    There are a few reasons tickets might not appear in your Flat Rock Speedway account:

    • Different email address: You’re logged into FlatRockSpeedway.com using a different email address than the one you used to place the order.
    • Typo in your email address: The email address on your order was misspelled during checkout.
    • You have not completed your order: Click on “Open Orders” in your account to see if you still have an order incomplete.

    If you still need help accessing your tickets, contact us for assistance.

    2023 Flat Rock and Toledo Rain Check and Re-Entry Policy

    In order to better accommodate our race fans, both Flat Rock and Toledo Speedway will institute a very simple rain check policy.

    A rain check that was issued may be used at any time during the 2023 season at its face value, at the track at which it was purchased. Fans must present their rain check at the ticket window and pay the difference, if any, in the admission price.

    **Rain checks are not valid for use when the track is leased out to another party. If you have any questions, feel free to call Flat Rock at 734-782-2480 or Toledo at 419-727-1100.

    Muck of the in-and-out traffic at the spectator gates is unnecessary and also poses a safety issue for our fans. With this in mind, the following re-entry policy is in effect at both tracks: When you wish to leave the grandstand area, fans must obtain a pass-out ticket from the ticket gate attendant. In order to re-enter the track, you must have both your admission stub and the pass-out ticket.

    Many sporting facilities allow no re-entry; however, both tracks will continue to allow re-entry, but we ask for your cooperation. Your support and understanding of this matter is greatly appreciated!