Flat Rock, MI—February 9, 2017: Prior to the 2016 season, an envelope was received at the Flat Rock Speedway office, containing $900 and the outline for a cash bonus award program for Flat Rock Speedway’s ARCA Late Model class. The person(s) responsible for the bonus money gave no name, only the outline for the award.

And just this week, another envelope has arrived, with a new program and more cash involved, keeping the “Mystery Award” in place again for the 2017 season.

The anonymous has now become identified as “Dented Fender Racing”. And the total of the award is now $1100. The 2017 award will work as follows.

The “Dented Fender Racing Mystery Award” works like this; the award is available for each of the 11 shows for the ARCA Late Models at Flat Rock. For 2017, the fast qualifier is the man with the opportunity to grab the bonus. If the fast qualifier wins the feature, the driver collects the $100 bonus; if there is no winner, the $100 rolls over to the next race, i.e. $200, giving the fast qualifier of that night a shot at the award.

If there is a rainout, that $100 goes to the next event. Any bonus money that is not paid out by Championship night will go to the feature winner of that race (who may not be the fast qualifier on this night only). All $1100 will be paid out.

And, since the Season Championship for 2016 fell victim to rain, that $100 bonus that was available will be added to the April 29 opener, which starts the bonus at $200 for the first race of the season.