#1 is supposed to be retired


Just a thought and request to the ARCA management team. A few years back, I attended a ceremony along with everyone else at Toledo Speedway during the Glass City 200. It was made clear at that time, the #1 was officially retired from competition in the ARCA late model division. As of right now, there is a late model using the number every race, and has been for two seasons. This has been a subject in the pits, and has been spoken about by many people. We also notice that Gary Lindahl refeers to the car as #10 whenever he speaks about it over the track PA system. Seriously? If we all pretend it's not #1, than it isn't #1? I'm sorry but this is very tasteless, and the #1 car needs to change his number. Nothing against him at all, but ARCA retired the number so please live up to it, and stop dissrespecting the Fair family.

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