Driver Bulletin: July 2, 2024

Driver Bulletin: July 2, 2024

Driver Bulletin July 2, 2024:

Figure 8 Feature: The 20 lap R&M Recycling Figure 8 feature that was scheduled on June 29th but was postponed due to rain, will now be run on Saturday, July 13. The 20-lap feature will be the first event to start the show at 7 p.m. 

The only drivers permitted to race in the 20 lap rescheduled feature are the drivers that were racing on June 29. All other Figure 8 competitors will be able to run the 50 lap feature only.  

Tire Sales: There will be NO tire sales this week. Mid-week tire sales will resume on Thursday, July 11.

Tire Trailer: The tire recycling trailer is full. We will not be accepting scrap tires until further notice.