Flat Rock, MI—May 1, 2021:  After the entire 2020 season was shut out due to the COVID-19 restrictions, Flat Rock Speedway opened its gates for the new season of 2021.  Jack’s Bicycle of Monroe served as the Opening Day sponsor, and a nice crowd was on hand for the 4 p.m. start.  Justin Schroeder, Greg Studt, Wilburn Parks and Dennis Whisman Jr. captured the feature wins and visited the Monroe Asphalt Winner’s Circle Saturday afternoon.

Former track champ Justin Schroeder zipped by race leader Steve Cronenwett Jr. on lap 21, using the high groove as he zipped away to the win in the 50 lap ARCA Moran Chevrolet Outlaw Super Late Model feature.  Justin, the fast qualifier at 11:617, started 8th on the field and was smooth from the start as he powered his way to the victory.  Frank Jiovani was second, Eric Lee third, Stan Yee Jr. fourth and Cronenwett Jr. fifth, followed by Connor Zbozien, Hayden Sprague, Paul Pelletier, Chris Benson and Derrick Sheppard.  Cronenwett Jr. and rookie Austin Thiel captured the heat races. 

Another former champion paced the way as Greg Studt withstood several challenges on his way to victory in the 25 lap ARCA DTS Drive Train Specialists Street Stock A Main.  Several yellows for minor incidents bunched the field, but Greg held strong on the low groove and picked up the win over Max Fair, Rob Moore Jr., Gary Cronenwett, Nick Shanks, Landon Schuster, Jeff Metdepenningen, Rob Moore Sr., James Pankow and Trevor Farmer. 

Wilburn Parks and Caleb Barron ran door to door for the final 7 laps until Parks edged out front coming out of turn 4 to win the 15 lap ARCA DTS Street Stock B Main contest.  David Hanna, Mike Miller, Rob Liedel, Taylor Papineau and Robert Stewart completed the finishing order.

Schuster topped the 28-car field in qualifying with a lap of 13:282, while Parks led the B cars at 13:920.  Moore Jr., Clarity Patton, Lonnie York and Papineau were the heat winners.

Ethen Lambert led the charge of a 3-car break-away in the 20 lap ARCA Figure 8 feature event, with Dennis Whisman Jr. and Jakob Lee in hot pursuit.  Lambert held the point for 9 laps until Whisman nosed under Ethen to take the lead and the eventual win.  Lee got to second, Lambert was third, Eugene Worden fourth and David Katafiasz fifth, followed by Dave Lambert, Stephanie Bradley, Tom O’Leary IV, Jeremy Miller, Joe Vanderhoof and Brice Thomsen.  Lee set quick time at 20:889.  Ethen Lambert and Thomsen were the heat winners.

Schroeder ($150), Studt and Whisman ($100) and Parks ($25) collected the Innovative Fluids, LLC bonus, which is being paid to the feature winners for each weekly event for the 2021 season.  Schroeder will also receive a $200 Penske Shocks certificate, while Steve Cronenwett Jr. gets a $100 Penske Shock award, which will also be presented for each Outlaw Super Late Model race at Flat Rock this season.  Stephanie Bradley took the $50 Sunoco random draw bonus home.  Schroeder cleaned up on bonus awards Saturday afternoon as he will also take the $50 Moran Chevrolet Hard Charger Award. 

Flat Rock Speedway will continue its 4 p.m. starts for the next 2 Saturday events-May 8 and May 15.  Saturday, May 8 the ARCA Moran Chevrolet Late Models, DTS Drive Train Specialists Street Stocks and the ARCA Figure 8’s will hit the track for great family fun and entertainment.  The ticket office and front gates open at 2, with racing at 4 p.m.  There is no advance ticket sale for this event.  Parking is FREE on the track grounds.