This is the first of our monthly winter bulletins. Schedules are moving along, should be ready around the holidays. The winter office for both tracks is at the Toledo Speedway Automotive Building on the east end of the grounds; phone number, 419-727-1100 and mailing address remain the same.

W-9 FORMS: There are about 20 of you that have not returned this form. Since we do not include your SS # on the membership forms, we need this filled out for the tax man when sending your 1099’s. So…if you don’t have it on file, you won’t get a 1099, which means you will be late with your information for your tax man…..can download the form, under forms on both track home pages. Mail or fax to 734-847-3137 (ARCA office).

BANQUET: Was well-attended…congratulations to Greg Studt, who received an ARCA ring for his 10 championships, and to Pat Moran, presented with the lifetime ARCA membership Gold Card. And congratulations to the 2018 champs and the entire group of race teams that make Flat Rock and Toledo a great place to race…THANK YOU!

2019 RULES: were sent out and posted on website last week—very few changes.

D800 TIRES: As announced, the Hoosier D800 tire is now permitted for the Late Model Sportsman, Figure 8, Street Stock and Enduro/Factory Stock classes in 2019. **Please note that the 10430 and 10435 D800 tires are the tires that are legal…no other D800 designated tires. Tires must be purchased through the tracks…The 10430 D800 26.5-15 tire chalk marks are from 84.5 to 85.5. The 10435 D800 27.0-15 tire chalk marks are 85.25 to 86.25. We will let you know when they are shipped to us and available. The Hoosier 880 tires will still be legal for competition in 2018.

TOLEDO: First race is Saturday, April 20 with the Spring 200: ARCA LM Gold Cup and ARCA/CRA Super Series LM-100 laps each. Glass City 200 moves back a week to Sept. 21.   The one and only open wheel show will run Sat. April 27—details to be announced soon!

FLAT ROCK: First race is Saturday, May 4: Late Models, Figure 8’s, Street Stocks….practice days are Saturday, April 27 and Wednesday, May 1. We backed off the opener 1 week after finding that we have lost 75% of our first 2 shows in the last 4 years…and, of course, it will probably be 75 degrees on practice day! Anyway, NO ONE loses a night of racing….last year, the championship was Aug. 18 and the Aug. 25 rain date was not needed, so we did not race….but in 2019, all championships are Aug. 24; IF we rain out, the F8 championship will be Aug. 31; the LM and SS championships will be rain dated for Sat. Sept. 7.

**The 2 tracks will flip nights for 1 weekend only; Flat Rock will run Friday, August 9 with the Enduro, F8 and SS…Saturday, August 10 is the 60th Anniversary Celebration of Toledo…more details soon!

LATE MODEL GOLD CUP SERIES: Dates are: Toledo, Saturday, April 20-100 laps; Saturday, May 25-Flat Rock, Joy Fair 100; Saturday, June 22-Flat Rock Level Pebble 200 (75 laps now goes to 100 laps); Saturday, July 20-Flat Rock Stan Yee 150; Saturday, August 10-Toledo, (60th Anniversary Celebration); and the Toledo Glass City 200 event (100 laps) September 21 and becomes a Gold Cup point race. We are also working on another date…should know soon……

BANDOLERO NEWS: We are committed to making the Bandolero class work at Flat Rock. We have again scheduled 8 dates in 2019 for the class, which features purpose-built race cars for ages 8-14. *We are having an engine installed in our car and we will be conducting test drives in the spring…If you are looking for a car, go to or call us at the office.

MEMBERSHIPS: will be available in the coming weeks; check the web pages for updates.

FLAT ROCK MESSAGE BOARD: We are fighting the weather as we work to get the message board installed and inspected by the Township…… as soon as it’s up and running!

SATURDAY, APRIL 6 IS THE DATE for the 2nd annual Equipment Auction and Race Car and Parts Auction at Flat Rock Speedway. More details later…

Next bulletin will be around the holidays….stay warm!