Trackside Tidbits

For those drivers that were wondering about a couple earlier August Tidbit articles that they couldn't find, they are at the end of the more current nights. If you want to send me something on your season, I'll put it in a Tidbit article for after the banquet.


* *  *  September 9  *  *  *


Steve Cronenwett Jr. ended the season with a win, winning the Enduro feature. "My father, Ken Knight and myself went in 3 ways on the Enduro car for my Nephew Kenyon Knight to race in the 2018 Enduros. Since there was 1 more race left in the season we decided to have myself shake down the car to see what we might need for next year. It was a fun race for myself especially because the car was competitive. Since I started racing in the Factory Stock / Enduro division back in 2001. I have always wanted to win an Enduro. So to check that off my bucket list was pretty cool. It will be fun to watch Kenyon take it over next year."


Robb Remick won his third Enduro championship in the last four seasons, beating Derrick Sheppard by five points. "I cut it pretty close, I guess. It was a good race, the car wasn't handling very well. Don't know what happened, it was good in the beginning and got worse and worse and worse. I'm glad to be here, want to thank my family and friends, the track, Monroe News for sponsoring us and all the fans."


* *  *  September 2  *  *  *


From Travis Earley: "I would like to say I had a great time this year with racing, by getting in the new #06 machine even though it took all year and still some more time to work the bugs out of it I would like to thank the Lord, Dan, dad, and Pops Gary for helping me learn how to drive it, setting it up and just doing lil stuff to make it faster and faster Also would like to thank Joe Whisman Dennis Whisman Sr. And Richie Lee for letting me use their gear the last night points night, I appreciate it and I would also like to thank everyone for the help there's to many names to mention but you know who you are and Again thanks for the help, and Also would like to thank ARCA for giving all of us a place to race every week. Definitely looking forward to seeing everyone next year in the 2018 racing season can't wait to race again!!!!!"


Travis' dad, Billy won his fourth Figure 8 feature of the season.


The Street Stock A feature had a first-time winner, Craig Lange. He is the eighth different first-time feature winner this season. Opening night all three feature wins were first timers: Jeff Metdepenningen (Street Stock A), Wilburn Parks (Street Stock B), Dennis Whisman Jr. (Figure 8) … the other first time winners were: Rob Randa (Street Stock A), Rob Moore Jr (Street Stock A), Trevor Farmer (Street Stock B), Race Loving (Street Stock B).


Jeff Metdepenningen ended the year like he began it … with a feature win. Although the opening night was the A division feature and this was the B division feature. Oddly, he won this same race in 2007, for his career Street Stock B division feature.


* *  *  August 26  *  *  *

Dan Ford Jr. won the Street Stock A division feature. ”I just want to thank car owner Tom Graham for his support, our sponsors Dani's Transport, Quest Communications, RFS Landscaping, DG Motorsports, Szabo's Carry Out, Taylor Recycling and D&D Welding. I believe this win was my 24th career street stock win."


Ray Morneau Jr, became the youngest Street Stock A division champion at 16-years of age. This surpassed the previous record set in 1995 when Dan Ford Jr at 19-years of age won his first (of five) Street Stock championship. As far as I know, Ray becomes the first Canadian champion at Flat Rock (at least as far as I've been at Flat Rock taking stats and that's since 1981). "I am so happy that we were able to get the championship it was so nerve racking the whole week and I just want to thank my crew and sponsors Xpress Group, Scooter Pro, Highland Tools, Hallmark Memorial, Rivard Snowplowing, CNR tire and auto, Double R Reworks, Xpressway Trucks, JR Graphics."


In the B-main the win and championship belonged to the Jezylo family. Dad, Ian won his second Street Stock B division feature, and son Adam won the B division championship. "It's been a tough season this year but couldn't have got through it without the help of my dad and for giving me the chance to drive the last three seasons; my mom and girlfriend for supporting me every weekend; my grandpa for letting me race outta his pole barn all season… and Lil Billly Chassis for all the help and support, also."


Ian Jezylo, Street Stock B division feature winner… How cool is it to win your feature the day your son wins the championship? "So many people to thank for this night, Billy II Cronce, Scott Marshall for keeping the drive train in top shape. Craig Lange for always being there to rescue us after the carnage. Luke, haley, sierra, and Elizabeth for all their hard work each week. Scott Gent at all in apparel for the hats, shirts, and lettering. My dad Randy Jezylo for everything from the pole barn that we used more than he did. To the yard full of cars and trailers that we keep there. And Jimmy Thiel for his setup advice. Shannon Hasselbach-Jezylo for her support. Dillon Zalenski and his pops. I'm sure that I am missing a few, but to all of you a very big thank you, we never would have been able to get it done without you."


For both Street Stock champions are first time champions and for both of them, it happened in their third year driving in the Street Stock division.


* *  *  August 19  *  *  *


Jimmy Theil won his third race of the season. "It got really loose at the end there. I didn't know what happened, whether I got a flat tire or what. I was hanging on for dear life, keeping it on the bottom so Justin didn't get a run on the outside on me. Brian (Bergakker) is a real good driver, the whole field are really good drivers, it's really hard to win these things, back to back like we did. I want to thank all my fans, my crew, Dusty, Matt Bullock, Mathew, Mike Miller for videotaping the races and my sponsor Dusty's Collision. Also, I want to congratulate Justin on winning the championship this year.”


Justin Schroeder: "A lot of hours this week at the shop … tore it up pretty bad last week. Yeah, we lacked a little bit there … a little loose off … man can't complain, we had a good year. Jimmy (Theil) got three, we got five (wins). I have to thank my crew, Austin, my parents, my wife … I have to get her in there, a lot of long hours–50 some hours on this thing this week to get it back to form. It wasn't quite there, but it was close enough and we had quite a good year. Things are pending for next year … this is one of our favorite tracks … we'll see how it plays out. We have some motor issues to work out … we'll be here a lot if not the whole season. I want to thank my sponsors Gibson Broach & Tool Inc.; Cochran, Kroll & Associates, P.C.; Southgate Hair Station; D. Slater Home Inspections; Molnar Funeral Homes; Don's Garage; G. Michael Kabot Orthodontics; Glass Unlimited; Victory Racing Parts."


Robbie Moore, SS A division winner

"Thank you! "First off I would like to thank all of my guys who helped me put my car back together after the trouble I had in the heat race. I thought my night was over after that but we worked and got the car back to normal. It was fun racing side by side with former champion Greg Studt. We both battled hard for several laps and never touched one another or wrecked, which is always good racing side by side for so many laps. The car wasn't the greatest but I was able to hold off Studt and great friend Kyle Worley to win my 2nd A-Main of the season. I never thought my 2nd win would come so soon! Also another thanks to all my sponsor on the car, A-Lot Sealcoat and Stripping, DRC in Southgate, Dow Engines, and Goon Squad. Thanks to my dad, mom, sister, grandparents, and many family and friends who help and support every week. Lastly, a really good family of mine (the Liedels) have a young boy in their family who is battling leukemia cancer. This win also goes out to Austin for being so strong, it's truly an honor to represent a For Austin sticker on the car every week! #AustinStrong"


Race Loving, SS B division winner

Race Loving won his first Street Stock race in his second night out. It was his first win in two years (Figure 8)


Jeremy Vanderhoof, Figure 8 winner

You have to get the positions when you can, when you get single filed out like that. It's just been a great car all year. I want to congratulate Billy Earley … that's his third championship in a row. I've ran for these things (the championships) and been fortunate enough to win a couple of them. It's hard to put a season together and to put three complete seasons in a row … hat's off to him, his crew and all his sponsors … three years in a row … for their dedication and time away from their families, so I want to congratulate Billy tonight. Our next big race is the three hour race in Indy (Indianapolis Speedway Park) … me, Dennis Whisman, Jeremy Miller are all going down there for three hours of really intense action. Half of the guys we race with, we come out here and beat door to door week after week, sometimes you get heated and you're not friends, but come that weekend helping each other out it's just a big family, it's a good time."


Billy Earley, Figure 8 champion.

"Not sure what that was all about, but got to do it, wake them up. That was a lot of fun, our car counts are up, this year was a lot of fun. Stay humble and keep at it. Want to thank Victory Lane, the Lord, and my sponsors B&H Race Parts, Downriver Deisel, JLM Transport and Kevin Lapp Motors … my dad and my son, you come out here and spend the weekend with your best friends. That's fun."


For the drivers that noticed that two of the Tidbit columns weren't on the website, here they are:


* *  * July 29 *  *  *


Justin Schoeder, Late Model winner

"Paul(Pelletier) gave me everything he had today. I ran him down pretty good and he never touched me … I give him a lot of respect for that. He always races me hard, but didn't touch me … that's good racing, that's how it's supposed to be. I got to thank my guys. A lot of people came up to me this week and said I struggled last week, so kind of had a little extra motivation this week. Jimmy (Thiel) had a good car, good battle. Got to thank my man, Wally (from Glass Unlimited) for sponsoring us and sponsoring tonight, really appreciate that and makes it a little more special. I also have to get my wife (thank her) and today's my little girl's first race. It was interesting on lap 39 when we got to lapping Chris Benson. I wasn't sure what Paul was going to do … Chris got down and Paul wasn't very good up top. I knew why he did it (went low), he did it to another guy before. It worked out in my favor so I can't complain. I have to get my sponsors, Gibson Broach & Tool, Inc. (Livonia, MI), Cochran, Kroll & Associates, P.C. (Livonia, MI), Southgate Hair Station (Southgate, MI), D. Slater Home Inspections, Molnar Funeral Homes (Southgate, Brownstown, and Wyandotte), Don's Garage (Westland, MI), G. Michael Kabot Orthodontics (Farmington Hills), Glass Unlimited (Westland, MI), Victory Racing Parts … and my family and crew.

It was Schroeder's fifth win of the season and his 11th of his career.

As the season has been going, we can add another two first time feature winners for the Street Stock A and B divisions tonight.


Rob Randa, Street Stock A division

He had both his Street Stock and Late Model out tonight and the cars were polar-opposites their finishes. He dropped out of the Late Model feature and finished last. But the Street Stocker ran flawlessly and he scored his first ARCA Street Stock win. "Our last feature win was 1997 in the Late Model, but this is my first Street Stock win here. We've just been taking the races one at a time. I want to first thank, Dave and Bonnie Randa (mom and dad), Patty (wife), Brandon Randa, Mike, Jack, Gabi, Dana, Mr. Newby (motor builder) … and my sponsors Mount Clemen's Transmission and Tire; Tom's Cabinetry, Pin Point Welding, Belle River Liquidators, Doug's Muffler."


Ian Jezylo, Street Stock B division

"Yes, hard to believe but that is my 1st B feature win. Have to thank Adam, Luke, Sierra, and Elizabeth Jezylo (my children) they are pretty much my whole crew and the car would never have been done without them. Craig Lang for all his fabrication and body work. Last, but not least my sponsors, All-In-Apparel, Tony's Tires, Ramtrak Guitars and Accurate Fleet Maintenance. I was pretty sure after Adams crash in practice that I would have to give him my car to keep his championship dreams alive, however we were able to repair his car and I was able to start the feature in mine."

Ian's won five C mains in 2007 the car he won all those races in is the one that Rob Randa took to the A main win tonight. I'm not sure that's ever happened before.


Jeremy Miller, Figure 8 winner

"A lot of action out there. I want to thank everyone for coming out. I built this car in 2001, think I might build a new one for sure. Everyone's catching up. It's fast still, but the new one will be faster.” It's Jeremy's 40th Flat Rock Figure 8 win and his first Flat Rock Figure 8 win since May 2016.

More tidbits

After a horrible accident, last week both Stephanie Bradley and Gary Cronenwett were back in action.

~Stephanie sent me a note on Facebook "I wanna thank E.W's Mobile Repair owned by Eugene Worden. And Thanks to Joe Whisman for getting my car back together after the wreck I had the week before, I would not have been back for the rest of the season without them. Thanks to Rich Lee and Rob Martel for getting a motor together for me. Figure 8 guys are always helping me out when they can."

~Gary on the other hand finished second to Jeremy Miller in the feature.

Hawes Racing: Joe and Steve both ran the Glass Unlimited night race at Flat Rock. The 53 team is making solid gains with the new car and qualified much better. We tried some adjustments for the heat race, but ended up 4th. In the feature, Joe started on the outside front row. In typical Flat Rock fashion, he got hung out to dry when the top 10 all went to the bottom and under him. He worked his way back to seventh, but the track was a one groove track and that's where he finished the night.

Steve took the heat race win after rocketing to the front on lap two. He had a solid ninth place finish in the feature after battling a very loose race car most of the race.

The 53 car will be back in action with Joe at the wheel for the Miller Lite 100 on 8/5/17 at Toledo Speedway. The Toledo race is #5 in the series, and will finish up 8/12/17 back at Flat Rock Speedway.

Once again, Thank you to our sponsors, Joe Taylor & ABC Plumbing and Drain, Tim Curry & FLF Race Cars.


Welcome to our new Figure 8 driver Les Syring.


Street Stock driver Steve Searles had his career best qualifying, 13.750 secs., seventh fastest. He finished in the same position in the feature.


We should've had a fourth member of the Farmer family racing again this week. When the Street Stocks raced, Kenny Farmer was in Rich Abel's old car. I couldn't remember how the relation went, but he's Jerry's brother. Kenny was unable to race as his car was damaged in an accident in hot laps, but he wasn't behind the wheel. Crewman, Todd, was. My guess it's the last time Todd gets the key to the racecar. Hopefully they'll be able to get the car, which has been renumbered to 96, back for Friday's races. More family news, Jerry won his SS heat. With all the Farmers coming back, I keep waiting for more of the Cronenwett family to return.

Flat Rock


Guy Fire, Street Stock A division feature winner

Feels great to be back in victory lane after a rough start to the 2017 season. We kept fighting and we didn't give up and made our way back to the front after a few second-place finishes and third place. I could taste the win and we finally got it this weekend! I have to thank my sponsor Golden Insurance Agency, Sumpter Collision, Fender Mender, Pro Spot Welding Supply's. I hope to get another win before the end of the year.


Trevor Farmer, Street Stock B division

As the year of first time winners continues, we will add Trevor Farmer to the list. "We kept digging and digging. Then after seeing what happened to my grandpa (Leroy) what happened to him (big wreck, but more on that later), and what happened to him, glad he's okay… My dad (Jerry) he broke in the heat race. We (our family) have had an unlucky night so to bring this home is such a pleasure. Rich Abel raced me clean, he does a good job.

Trevor was the one shiny spot for our three generations of Farmers that are racing. First to the scary accident for Trevor's grandpa, Leroy. Something happened in the feature and by my recollection he turned towards the backstretch wall and rode it sideways from about the middle of the backstretch to about the scoreboard. He came off the wall on all four wheels. I'll let you know how much damage the car had in a few weeks when the Street Stocks are back in action. And dad Jerry broke something around the steering box in his heat race.


Race Loving, Street Stock A division

Saturday was my first time in a street stock. We got the car on Wednesday and raced it on Friday. We had some set -up issues at the track and caused me to have a bad qualifying time. I started third in my heat race and passed for the lead on the fifth lap and after I cleared the car he spun me out causing me to get hit and bend the rear end, but I still hung onto the lead and won the heat race. We worked on the race car to repair it enough for the feature and with no time to spare we just made the feature and rode around because car was very loose! But I would like to thank G&L Tool and Paul Duffin for allowing me to drive and my dad Robbie Loving for all the work he does.


Collin Barron, Street Stock

Collin qualified 1fourth with a time of 13.97, which wasn't too bad considering the one-week old tires, but about a tenth slower than he practiced earlier. Missed the pole for the second heat by one position (.08 seconds) so that meant we were fastest in the third heat, but starting dead last. We made some *major* adjustments to the car since it was likely going to be nothing more than an eight-lap practice session, but apparently the changes really woke the car up. Collin tried to show patience but he was clearly faster than the cars he was running with and had worked his way up to fourth when a car in front of the field spun in turn 2. Collin found a hole to shoot for, but that hole closed up just as he got there and he hit the spun car, then also got hit from behind. Flatbed took the car around for the final time this night. Disappointing? You bet, but overall, we have been very fortunate this season when it comes to avoiding mishaps on the track. With only 3 races left for this season Collin will get his final turn on Aug. 2sixth, with Caleb getting his final 2 nights on Aug 1ninth and Sept. second. Catch them both before it's too late!


As always, can't thank our advertisers, crew, family and friends enough for the support they have given, and continue to give!


Billy Earley, Figure 8s

"It's fun to see the car count up, but I think I was off the race track more than I was on the race track. It's a lot of fun racing these guys. I have to thank B&H Race Parts, Downriver Deisel, JLM Transport and Kevin Lapp Motors."


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