Scott Apperson, Figure 8 feature winner

Keeping with the seasons of firsts, Scott Apperson won his first career Figure 8 feature at Flat Rock. "Well where to start at … I'll start by saying thanks to everyone I'm very happy and still can't believe I won the 40 lapper last night with the bad luck i have been having. I can say my car was fast and I knew once I was out front I had (Dennis) Whisman and (Jeremy) Miller right behind me so I was working traffic as best as I could so thanks again everyone..." said the driver of the H2E Canoe AC/DC Deer Processing, A&M Transmissions, Jim's Butcher Shop #21. "I wanna thank Bobby Cronenwett, Andy Wilson and Randy Roberts for helping me get back on the track from when my third link broke in the heat race, it split my rear end … they helped and saved me.' And what I could piece together from the on-track interview. "I had a heck of a run. I had Dennis Whisman beating me, (Jeremy) Miller back there … they had a good run. I kept looking at the scoreboard, 27 laps, 30 laps … kept thinking 'come on, come on'," said the driver of the #21.

James Vanderhoof, Figure 8

James finished a career high fifth in the Figure 8 feature, "Well had a great night at the track. Car is great got my first fifth place finish and didn't go any laps down. Car is fast just need some more seat time and I think I can get that first win. Once again can't thank Rob Martel enough for the opportunity to drive his car and always be there to help me out. And my cousin, Jeremy Vanderhoof, for helping me get better … thank you guys so much I really appreciate it."

Jeff Metdepenningen, Street Stock A division feature

Jeff won his second points paying Street Stock A division feature. "Thank the Good Lord for a good race. Tried a whole new different setup, got a little help, really appreciate it … the car felt great. My wife didn't make it to the track again and I told her I was going to win again. She wasn't here the first time I won and here I am winning again … she can stay home the rest of the year," the driver of the #78 quipped. "I definitely didn’t think I'd get a second feature so soon. This is the toughest class, the toughest competition out there. If you look at the top six-seven cars in qualifying, we were a couple 100 thousandths between us, it doesn't get any closer than that. (Note: there was .225 second's between first and seventh qualifier).

Wilburn Parks

Also winning his second career feature in the Street Stock B division was Wilburn Parks. "The car's starting to handle well on the high side. Another one for the old guys. Thanks to everyone showing up tonight," said the driver of the Parks Service, America Mulching and Seeding #56.

The Farmer family, has expanded in racing, buying Nick Sullivan's #29 (Rich Frantz's car prior to that). Tonight, three generations of the Farmer family raced against each other in B Main. Father Leroy, is the new driver for the 29 … he's been off the track since about 1981 but did well and finished sixth. His son Jerry led the first four laps of the feature but was black flagged because he went over his qualifying speed. Grandson, Trevor finished fifth in the feature (after repairing much of the front suspension from an accident a couple weeks ago). As far as anyone can remember (if anyone remembers another three generations racing together on the same night, let me know)… but the Earley family raced together in the Flag Pole race during the fall Bus Race night in Sept. 2014 … Gary (dad), Billy (son), Travis (grandson).

Paul Duffin (Tile Shop, Paul's Flooring Service) returned to the track after a three year absence.

Sportsman, Silver Cup 50

Jim Froling, winner

Toledo is our home, where we run most of our races, but I started racing at Flat Rock 22-23 years ago. I've always had a great affection for this track. Love the track, all the people who come to watch … the track is a lot of fun to run on. The track is pretty slick here (tonight). I struggled because of the sun in turn two, every lap was a guess where the track was … apparently I stayed on it, so that's good. One of our fans, Fred Knee, passed away a couple weeks ago, think our Toledo race. He never missed a race … This is a tribute to him in Victory Lane. 'Fred wish you were here, Bless your soul, and I miss you buddy'."

Howard Kelley Jr., second place

"I tried to get a run on him (Jim Froling) to catch him and drove in there too hard and around she started coming. I had the steering wheel locked and just feathering the throttle. I was hoping to get to the mix of it and Ronnie pushed him up and give me the bottom but it didn't happen. We had a good night and bringing home both cars home in one piece this time."

Tommy O'Leary, third place

I didn't want to spin Howard (Kelley Jr.) out, he works on all my cars. I couldn't spin him out … everyone got on the brakes and I locked it up and decided to spin it out. I knew I could get back to the front. I'm happy with third, especially after the last time I races. Good start to the Silver Cup," said the driver of the Walt's Auto World, King Road Auto Parts, Hart's Machine Service, and Tommy Boy Towing #8.

The link to my video page is the same.

Ron Allen, fourth place

The car got ungodly tight. Then I tried using the right rear tire to turn the car and that didn't work. These guys are awesome good … if you're off a little bit … that's what happened here you fall back," said the driver of the Fastime Racing Engines and Parts, Churchill Transportation #69.

Landon Shuster, fifth place

We're excited to come here obviously because of our history here, but these guys are fast. I knew getting into this class was going to be a challenge, you're racing with the best of the best. We tore the front end, rear end, everything off of this car … we rebuilt it all in three weeks … I'll take Top 5 any day." And thanks for the message Landon, "We just want to thank UA Local 50, Georgia Cable and Boring, Reliance Propane, Joseph's Beverage Center, Alex's Family Restaurant, Complete Refrigeration, D and S Boring and Rockys Body Shop. We had a great run going but lost the locker in our rear end and after that I was just hanging on for the finish. Thanks to my dad, my guys Dave, Don, Chris, David! We are looking forward to the next one!

James Potter, Sportsman

"Let's see ... Saturday was my first night back at Flat Rock since 2001. That makes for a lot of rust in the seat. We missed on the set up of the car, but I had a great time driving anyway. Thanks to my sponsors - St Jude Children's Research Hospital, Hands of Time Estate Sales, Group 31 Supply/Group 31 Foundation, Eagle Crest Golf Resort, and Reighard Graphics for making this opportunity to race a reality. Special thanks to Rick and Lorrie Gryzch and Lee Rigney for their help and support."

July 1-2 weekend

Defending Gold Cup champion Steve Needles won the Toledo Gold Cup race on July 1. It was his seventh career Gold Cup win, tying him with Don St. Denis for fourth overall (Harold Fair Jr., 14; Dave Kuhlman, 11; and Scott Hantz, 8 are ahead of him on the list). He's won four of the last five Toledo races and six out of the last nine Gold Cup races.

Harold Fair Jr. finished second, his third second place Gold Cup finish in a row.

The top three finishers were the same for both Toledo races this year. Frank Jiovani finished third, tying his career best Gold Cup finish at Toledo.

Congrats to Paul Martell who won a feature at Onaway Speedway. " Ok. I just wanted to say that I had a great time at Onaway Speedway last Saturday. It was a lot of fun putting on a great race in front of a packed house. Mike Luebke and I battled side by side for 7 of the 10-lap heat, with Mike barely beating me to the line. Our battle resumed in the Feature when again we ran multiple laps side by side until I was finally able to clear him on the high side and take the Feature. The best part was that we touched only once after all those laps. Sunday we drove back down to Flat Rock Speedway and ran 8th, again tying my best of 245 laps. I ran the race more aggressively, trying to keep my momentum up on the track. The car handled great, and the only problem I had was when I got loose near the end because my right exhaust hanger broke. It caused my right exhaust pipe to blow right on my rear tire, causing me to be loose the last 50 laps. All in all, it was a great weekend of racing! I have to thank my sponsors: My Mechanics Place, Discount Auto, Larry's Auto Parts, Mike's Auto Repair, Green Start Battery, Kathie Hejl, Jerry Kondraciuk, and everybody who came out to support the events

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