Guy Fire suffered a broken arm in the lap 79 accident. Get Well Soon!

Our street stocks and sportsman drivers did an amazing job on their starts and restarts tonight. Every one of them was perfect.

Ray Morneau Jr. won his first career A main Street Stock race in the division's biggest race of the season. "It was a crazy race starting 5th I knew we had a good chance and we just had to stay out of trouble. The first lap was shocking I didn't think that we were going to have a crash wrecking many good cars. Once we got going I just got into a groove and picked em off one by one. On a restart leaving us on the outside pole i didn't know what to expect off the restart and it looked as if our good night was going to be over, as we fell to 6th. I saw the inside line getting stacked up so just kept diggin hard on the outside and got to 2nd. That's when everything really started to get crazy. We almost got by Landon but that's when I got turned and was facing the wrong way. With 21 to go and us in the lead I just tried to set my own pace and bring it home. It wasn't easy having Rob and Jeremy hot on our tail in the last 10 laps but we were able to bring it home and get my first win in the Corrigan Race Fuels Firecracker 100. I looked at the car after the race and you wouldn't think it won! Lol! I would like to thank the crew for making all of the right adjustments before the race to have the car perfect for me to drive. I would also like to thank all the fans for coming out. And a big shout out goes to our sponsors: McColl Racing, Xpress Group, Hallmark Memorial, Rivard Snowplowing. Scooter Pro, Highland Tool, Double R Reworks, JR Graphics, London Drive Systems, George Newman, Expressway Trucks, 401 Truck Source. I'd also like to thank all the drivers for running clean."

Some interesting things. Ray is only 15-years-old making him the youngest A division SS feature winner. Another tidbit, is he is the first Canadian driver to win an A division SS feature since Randy Casey won a race in Aug. 2002 (although we did have a Canadian driver whose name escapes me win a B or C main sometime in the last 10 years).

Jeremy Vanderhoof has raced a few one-off races in the Street Stock division, substituting for people, finished second. "We got to the front then, everyone got stacked up ahead of us, so I got into the back of the 97 (Nick Shanks) and they have the tap out rule. It's hard not to take the blame when you run into the back of someone… so we did the right thing and went to the back. That big wreck gave us three spots. We were too tight, too free, too tight … not quite sure what we were. It was a lot of fun. I want to thank Rich Frantz for giving me the opportunity for giving me a car to drive. And congratulations to this young kid (Ray Morneau Jr.), he started out 14-years old last year and he's come a long way, he's a really good shoe and great things for this kid, he's doing really well." Sponsors are: Playoffs Sports Bar & Grill, Larry Vanderhoof, Martel Racing, Frantz Racing....also help from Justin Schroeder and Corey Duane" The car belongs to Rich Frantz, with engine and transmission from Jeremy. My hat’s off to Ray (Morneau Jr.) he drove his butt off. He did a real good job, couldn't just let him have it, but had to push him there. Thought I had a chance there, but it's good. It was good finish, hopefully the fans liked it. Think the finish was better than the first 65 laps of that race.

Rob Moore finished third. "I saw Jeremy (Vanderhoof) out of the corner of my eye and knew he was going to be back there, after I heard where he was on the restart. He's a good driver, has a good car and it was a fun."

Nick Shanks "I had a really good car the whole race, I just wanted to stay upfront and out of trouble to be around for the end. Earlier in the race I got into the back of a car which broke a hood pin that eventually broke and caused my hood to fly up at the end....I'd like to thank my sponsors Downriver Motorsports Wiring, Newport Electric, Glass City Collision, Giles Auto Body, and a big that's to MIke and Paul Young"

Craig Lange said this was the first 100 lap SS race he's finished. I couldn't catch all his sponsors so I'll get them for this week.

Landon Schuster led the most laps 78 and took home the Don Lane memorial lap worth $444. In the end he won more in lap money than his finishing position of ninth. He got tangled up in an accident at the start of the feature, then the next 80 laps (except one that Ray Morneau Jr. led) he was out in front. Until the Street Stockers had their version of Daytona's big one on lap 79. Landon lost the side of his car and things were never the same (oddly enough he was out there missing the right side of the car and Kyle Worley was missing the left side from the start accident). His sponsors are: sponsors UA local 50, Georgia Cable and Boring, Arnold Motorsports, Complete Refrigeration, Josephs Beverage Center, D&S Boring, Rocky's Body Shop.

Greg Studt was also in the accident and like Landon, was also in the accident at the start of the race. He suffered extensive damage and was unable to continue. "It wasn't too bad, front horns, rotor, steering arm etc. … The clip was slightly bent, nothin' a torch and porta-power couldn't fix though... It's built to take a lickin and keep on tickin!"

Grant Hedges, making his first SS start since last year's 100 lapper was in the big one too. His sponsors Just Hedges Racing representing "Team Liam's Fight to find a cure for Neuroblastoma"

As mentioned before, this is the accident that Guy Fire broke his arm in… hope to see you back racing too. After the 100 lap race he was listed fourth in points, 60 points behind leader Greg Studt.

Rod Morrison drove the car driven by Jim Selmi, who passed away recently. Rod is a family friend, who used to race at Springport (which is closed this year) in the full sized truck division. He had mechanical problems early in the race and finished 19th.

Steve Searles started on the pole, but was the one casualty of the opening accident. He finished last.

Chris Diovardi (who was the provisional for the race) and James Hazlett both retired their mounts with rear end problems.

It's been seven or eight years since Jeff Metdepenningen has raced in the Street Stock division, who finished 16th with mechanical problems (think it was overheating). His sponsors are Stan Yee Collision and Mt. Clemens Transmission and Tire.

Multiple accidents and mechanical problems depleted the field so that there were only 10 cars left running. Kyle Worley was the last car running. He lost 12 laps after having to pit and fix the side that broke loose from the first accident. He kept logging laps and finished 10th.

Kyle was the only driver that did double-duty tonight, finishing 14th in the Sportsman feature. Ron Allen, who won the Sportsman feature, was supposed to run the Street Stock feature too, but new car blues kept him from that even (and when he makes it, don't be too shocked, the car is #57 instead of his familiar #69).

Jimmy Pankow won the 25-lap B division feature. "The 56 (Wilburn Parks) and 55 (Jimmy Little) were running side by side and I had nowhere to go, kept thinking one of these guys has to pass the other. Then Jimmy (Little) slipped a little and I was finally able to get around the 56 (Parks) and that was it. I want to thank my crew, my mom, my dad, my fiancé, my sister Stephanie … everybody, they helped me bring a good car … Cathy and Chris Diovardi have get this car ready. Also want to thank the fans for coming out tonight. And of course my sponsor Feinn Tire and Auto Services.

Pankow stops Rich Abel's win streak at three in a row. Abel finished third tonight.

From Jeffrey Kurzyniec, " Didn't have the best night of racing but did run my quickest qualifying time of the season. Would like to welcome base hit landscaping and tree service to the team." Thanks for the note.

Tim Moore had engine problems in in hot laps and was unable to race his Bayou Bar and Grill. A-lot Seal Coating, Yost Collision, DRC #83.

Ron Allen won the Toledo Sportsman feature, part of the divisions Silver Cup Series. He and second place finisher, Jim Froling, put on a show each restart racing side by side. "Jim (Froling) is a tough customer. You know what, this is my 69th (which is also his car number) feature win in the (Sportsman) division and it means a lot. It's great running with these guys. We worked on the car all night and that's the best it's been. I have to dedicate this to my brother Gary, he has a lot of health issues right now and he hasn't been able to be with me at all this year. Thinking of you Gary, get better. My sponsors are Churchill of Detroit, Fastime Racing Wngines and Parts, Giles Auto Body and Dillon Race Cars." On the transition from Toledo's half-mile, where these cars normally race to Flat Rock's quarter-mile track. "Well you don't have time to take a breath here (at Flat Rock). You're always working, always turning. At least at Toledo you have a little bit of a straightaway, relax a little bit. You got to be on your toes all the way around this race track (Flat Rock)."

Now let's get caught up on the rest of June:

Gold Cup #2, Sandusky June 18

This is short. There was only 13 LMs that showed up for the only 'away' race for the series. It is one of three races co-sanctioned with the Main Event Racing Series. As was in in Race #1 in Toledo, Steve Needles dominated the race and beat Bud Perry by about a half of a lap. Alex Rosenberry was third. Flat Rock/Gold Cup drivers who ran was: Jimmy Ward, finished sixth the highest of the group and the only one that finished (only six cars were running at the end of the race); Nick Grodi, seventh; Harold Fair Jr, eighth, retired with lack of water in the radiator; Dennis Strickland, 11th, out with brake problems; Will Sahutske, 12th, who spun over the turn three banking, had a small engine fire and retired because of the fire extinguisher 'mess' in the engine.

Gold Cup #3, Flat Rock June 25

I was unable to attend this race so the quotes come from emails and Facebook pages. I would like to thank all the drivers for answering my Facebook messages and Katelyn Fair for getting a quote from her dad.

Winner, Steve Needles: Man, what a race tonight with Harold Fair Jr! Ran side by side for 50+ laps and never so much as touched, that was a blast! Thanks to everyone who has helped make this season one to remember so far. ‪#‎allstarperformance ‪#‎sennekerracecars ‪#‎drivenracingoil ‪#‎earnestperformance ‪#‎ispympi ‪#‎quickcarracingproducts

Needles takes over a 100-point lead over Harold Fair Jr. into the next Gold Cup race on July 8 at Toledo. He is the first driver in the 26-year history of the Gold Cup Series to win three races in row.

Harold Fair Jr finished second after leading the majority of the race. "It was a lot of fun until the right front tire went flat. Real fun racing Needles clean. Thanks to Royal Truck and Trailer, Classic to Current Fabrication and Senneker Performance."

Jack Landis on RaceMonitor was listed as third, but was put to the end of the lead lap after apparently tangling with Brian Bergakker (who finished 15th). "I really enjoyed racing at Flat Rock … except the last lap. I want to thank my sponsors, SCS Environmental Contracting, Bailey Trucking, Landrum Performance Springs, Dragonslayer, Allstar Performance, Integrity Transports, LA Electric Contractors and Engineers, Rocket Fabrication and JR Shocks."

Brian Bergakker was ran in the top five for most of the race and was running third when he and Landis apparently tangled. Brian's #12 ended up in the turn two wall, "The car needs a new front clip and all the front bolt on suspension. We were having a good race but we're too loose to race with Fair and Needles. I want to thank my sponsors, Central Transport, Earnest Performance, Michigan Marking, Sweet Mfg, Senneker Performance, Cellar Brewing, Toughcoat, Purity Cylinder Gases."

Justin Claucherty was originally listed as fourth but moved up to third when Landis got moved down. "I'm very pleased with our solid finish, especially since it's our first time racing at Flat Rock Speedway. We're hoping that it gives us momentum for the rest of the season, and when we return to Flat Rock. My sponsors are, KT Trucking, Mid- America Motorsports,Reilley Trucking."

Jimmy Thiel, who won the last Late Model race at Flat Rock finished 5th originally but moved up to fourth. His fourth top five finish in his last four races at Flat Rock.

Fifth place went to two time Gold Cup champion,Dakota Carlson. "Sponsors are just Performance Engineering and LeClair racing. We just never could get the rearend hop out of the car and were really lucky to finish fifth."

Alex Rosenberry led much of the first 25 laps. "Had the fastest car on the racetrack until a right rear tire went flat on lap 39. It was a slow leak once we started slowing down and lost the lead. If we didn't have any bad luck we wouldn't have any luck at all. Rough night for the Rosenberry Towing, FliteTest #2."

I watched the race on Mike Miller's YouTube page…. Looks like other than Bergakker crashing at the end, the only other accident was Justin Schroeder who was clipped by another car. "Not the result we were looking for in the Joy Fair last night. Qualified 3rd out of 34 cars. Started 8th after the invert. After finally getting cleared to the bottom we got ran over from behind and spun causing another car to climb over our nose. The crew did a great job repairing the car but after not making any gains we retired early. We will get her fixed up and be back soon. Thanks to Don's Garage, Dr. Kabot, Glass Unlimited, and Victory Racing Parts."

Did you miss the race too? Here's the link:

Congrats to Tadek Stadniczuk who won the LM B main. Others not transferring to the feature were Matt Bullock, Steve Cronenwett Jr., Chris Benson, Dave Stehouwer, John Flynn and Rob Randa (running his first late model race in several years). Scott Pemberton also didn't transfer but did not run the B main.

How tough was this race to make? First and second in Flat Rock points, Frank Jiovani and Paul Pelletier had to take a provisional. Dennis Strickland was the Gold Cup provisional.

Greg Studt won the Figure 8 race. "Could not have asked for a better car in the feature tonight! Huge thanks to Dad as always for all the hard work and KNOWLEDGE!!! It's truly priceless. Now time to keep our nose to the grind stone and get ready for the two biggest races of the year."

Travis Earley

Had a Blast tonight racing ,The Track was busy and was very fun ,Learned lots of things this week and Improving week by week by week I love everybody's tips and ideas on how to make the car go faster so definitely looking forward to the fifty lapper coming up soon!!!A&M transmission and Jim's butcher shop.

Thanks again to all who sent quotes to me.

Here's the link to the YouTube list for the ARCA races … … Thanks Mike Miller for taping and putting these up on YouTube.

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