Trackside Tidbits by Debi Domby

Trackside Tidbits by Debi Domby

Stevie Cronenwett won his third Late Model feature of the season. "I can't say enough about Scott (Pemberton), he ran me really clean. I don't know if I would've been that clean with two to go, knocking on the door of my first (feature) win or not. He did an excellent job ...  we did an excellent job ... Henry Giles did an excellent job ... Uncle Tom, Dad ... this car's doing an excellent job this year. We're really happy with it. I have to thank my sponsors Giles Auto Body, Roush Competition Engines, and Operation Injured Soldiers, Port City Racecars. I got to thank my beautiful wife and the kids, all the crew, my family, the fans ... and the competitors out there. This year has been something that I've never seen.  We can race side by side this year without beating and banging. It's been excellent. People around here know I can get hot under the collar, but this year I haven't had one bad thing to say about anyone or anything."

Scott Pemberton led the majority of the 50-lap Super Late Model feature. The second place finish is his career high finish at Flat Rock, in fact it's the highest he's ever finished in a late model feature. Prior to this race, the most laps he led was 14 laps at Dixie (Birch Run) Speedway. After he pulled into his pits, they found that his car had a flat tire. "I'm happy with the second place. We have a new motor in the car tonight, so it was a test for it. I don't have any sponsors, so I want to thank my Dad, Andy, Robert, and Mike for their help with the car."

Grant Hedges won his first career Super Late Model heat. He also led some of the feature.

The Toledo Sportsman division were visiting tonight, Howard Kelley Jr. was victorious in the 50-lap feature. "Won my first sportsman race here ... it was actually an X-car race but I used my sportsman. That was my very first feature win. This place is different than Toledo. It's a bullring and you never get to turn her back straight. We had fun. I had a junk car all day, we made a bunch of changes before the feature ... I said, it's either going to go or not go and she handled alright. I almost gave it up to Mike (Young) with two laps to go but he's a good guy and he let me gain control of it and didn't try sticking it in there. I appreciate that about him. I want to thank UAW and Score Woodhaven Bowling Lanes for sponsoring tonight. I also want to thank my crew, I couldn't have done it without them guys. My buddy Adam owns the #24 that Dennis Whisman drove. He worked 16 hours yesterday and didn't get home to noon today. He still made it up here to work on these cars. I want to thank my sponsors, King Road Auto Parts, Freeze Frame Photos, Walt's Auto World and Harts Machine Services. Doug at Harts Machine, wish he could've turned down some of the horsepower for this track, but he makes some good horsepower. And I want to thank all the fans for coming out and watching."

Greg Studt won the Figure 8 feature. "There has been a whole lot of action in our features the last month. It was awesome to see a good car count again. It makes the race so much more fun to drive and more exciting for the fans. I want to thank my dad, he's been working his tail off this year. We've had a rough stretch here the last month or so, and it's finally starting to come around a little bit. This is the first time all year that I've had fast time and to get a straight up lineup I was pretty happy. Billy Earley was right there with me ... he's been super fast all year, he was one of my bigger concerns. I had great drivers all around me tonight and I'm happy to win it.

Couple weeks ago, Race Loving won his first Figure 8 feature at Toledo. "It was the best feeling in the world to get my first win. Knowing that I'm the youngest guy to win in the division is a great feeling too. I'm feel awesome knowing I did that. My dad has coached me to be the best I can possibly be and that's the whole reason I'm getting better and better. At 15 years old my dad told me I can't get any better at 15. He's my teacher and my main man. I want to thank everyone who has helped me with my car and got me my first win. I want to thank all my sponsors Brownstown liquor Dominic cement works Mark's toybox Taylor auto salvage and downriver auto pawn. I want to thank all my Fans I couldn't do it without all of you guys. I would also like to thank the whole ARCA foundation for letting me do what I love at such a young age."

Missed any of the races this past weekend? Want to watch it again. Visit Mike Miller's U-tube page: ... If you have Google Chromecast the  U-tube races are great on your TV.

For the Toledo drivers, if you win a championship, please drop me a note so I can get you in the article. You can send me something long or short... and don't forget your sponsors. Flat Rock drivers, your championships are coming soon. And anyone else that wants to send me something on how your season's going, I'll put that in too. You can email me at or on Facebook

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