Trackside Tidbits by Debi Domby

Trackside Tidbits by Debi Domby

For race winner, Justin Schroeder it was his first Late Model win at Flat Rock in five years (May 30, 2009). Justin is the ninth different Gold Cup winner in a row and the 26th different driver to win a Gold Cup race. It's the first time since opening race of the 2009 season, that the driver winning the opener is a first time Gold Cup winner. (the ninth different winner goes back to July 2012)

From an email from Justin's wife Brittany ... "I'd like to than my sponsors, G. Michael Kabot Orthodontics, Victory Racing Parts, ABC Plumbing, JMS Graphics. We bought a new car this year, a Senneker chassis. We are still working on figuring it out. I'd like to thank my mom and dad and my wife, Brittany." Brittany told me in an email that "Before the race he told our six month old son he'd bring him a trophy for him room. Justin said his first win as a dad was much more meaningful."

Paul Pelletier finished second. “Seem to be finishing second the last couple weeks is the main thing. I have to thank all my guys, I wore them out this past week putting on the fourth or fifth different set up here today. I wore them out so I owe them everything,” said the driver of the Fraza Forklifts, Exotic Automation, ABC Plumbing, Dusty's Collision #44. “Good job, Justin (Schroeder) … everyone does a good job down here.”

Brad Riethmeyer finished a career high at Gold Cup, third. "I really want to say thank you to the Diamond Pistons crew and Bob for giving me this opportunities. (We had one of our crew guys talk the hospital into signing him out just so he could come to the race. He got sick the day before passing a kidney stone, they were going to do surgery instead he talked them into using a stint. So he shows up to the track with a stint in Just so he could be there to help.) The car was really good at the end of the race, we had a few things go against us and we just ran out of laps. For the first race of the season for this team, we did a great job. We can build on our third place finish for the next race and get the Trend Performance Chevrolet even better with a few small tweaks. I look forward to working and hanging out with these guys in the future. I can't thank ARCA enough, from the time we arrived, to bringing a bottle of water to us after the race, to when we left. The courtesy from ARCA and the track was awesome. It felt like they were thankful to have us there and they showed it!" said the Texas driver, who now lives in North Carolina, "I really am fortunate to have this opportunity. I really think we are one of the few families in Texas that our land does not have any oil on it." And here I thought everyone had an oil well in Texas... lol. Thanks for the Email Brad.6

Jeff Ganus finished fourth, a career best for him at Flat Rock. "We had a top five car for sure. We lost some ground about halfway through the race because of contact from another car, our car got a little snug. Don't know if the toe-in was knocked out of line or what, but we got back up to fourth, so in the end we had a good points day and that's what matters in the big picture. I have to thank my team owners John and Meloney for everything they do for us, and my sponsors Great Lakes Helicopter, Collins Heavy Haul, Ryman Design, Senneker Performance, and JRI Shocks," said the defending Great Lakes Helicopter Main Event Series Champion.

2012 Gold Cup champion, Dakota Carlson, led the second most amount of laps. "After lap 50 were a bottom feeder, ran the tires off. It's a new car to us, so it's great to come out with it in one piece and get a top five.

Defending ARCA Discount Tire Gold Cup Series champion, Scott Hantz finished sixth after starting 18, "We just struggled all day and it showed in qualifing. We just couldn't roll the center as good as we would have liked on a short run, we were definitely better on the longer runs tonight. We were able to get up to sixth so over all a good points night and we'll be ready for Toledo in two weeks. I have to thank my team owners and crew for everything they do and our sponsors, Great Lakes Helicopter, Collins Heavy Haul, Ryman Design, Senneker Performance, JRI Shocks," said the driver of the #72.

For the first time in the 18 years history of the Gold Cup series, a B main was run. Up until this point, the consolation races were the only races that the cars that weren't locked in ran. ARCA officials said if there were over 32 late models then a B main would be run. Lori Bunge-Hall, the series only female driver, won the 25-lap B main. As far as I can tell she's the first woman to win a feature. (Patti Simko won a semi race in 1983 and Shonda Harbin won several B main Street Stock features in the last five season).

Nick Katterhenry made only his second start in a pavement late model (his other race was a the flat half mile track in Sandusky, Ohio). The St. Marys, Ohio, driver normally drives dirt modifieds. He finished sixth in the B main.

Kyle Worley won his second career Street Stock A feature.

Guy Fire took a hard hit when Joe Hainer spun and Fire, who was hit from behind, T-boning Hainer's car. On Facebook Guy reported he was fine but sore and hopefully the car, sponsored by Bayou Grill, Sumpter Collision, Dow Engines, will be repaired soon.

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From the Enduro on May 17: From Enduro regular, Tom Sprotberry: "My boy ran the Enduro 250 at Flat Rock on the 17th of May. I think he is the youngest driver to ever compete in an Enduro. He is only 14 years old. His name is Nathan (Sprotberry) and he was driving the #7 Batmobile and finished 12th in his very first race."

We had a new Street Stock driver on May 24. Jeffrey Kurzyniec, "First night of racing is all done had an awesome time ... I was nervous the first few times out but started getting comfortable in the heat race where I finished fourth and on the lead lap. Finished 6th in the feature one lap down. Learned a bunch gained 3.5 seconds throughout the night. I'd like to thank everyone that has helped make all this happen ... Jeff Kurzyniec the most ... for all the long stressful hours working on it, I appreciate it. Rich Frantz for all the help setting the car up and hooking up with parts. Corey Bullock, Ron Frantz for the help at the track last night and finally my loving wife Jessica Kurzyniec for putting up with all the long nights away from home. Also like to thank everyone else that has helped through the way there's so many I can't list you all there's so many ... thank you all."

From Race Loving (Toledo May 23):

"Last night at Toledo was a tough night but it got better has it went on. I started fourth in the heat race and worked my way to first on lap four then I was off to the races. Started last In the feature and worked my way to fifth ... then we got asked to run the road rage race! I beat and beat on the back bumper of that van and when he pulled off I took off and won it! Thanks to everyone who supports me and all the fans. I'd like to thank Downriver Auto pawn , Dominicks cement work , RJS , Brownstown liquor and everyone who helps thank you!"

Frank Jiovani won his first career late model feature on May 3 "It has been an awesome start to 2014. After finishing second and first after the first two races respectively, our whole team is pumped for the rest of the year. None of which would be possible without our sponsors, Moran Motor Sports, JV Auto, PAC Racing Springs, 4th Street Auto, Hurricane Performance, Comfort Temp Heating and Cooling, Painter's Supply, Jefferson Beach Marina and Gemini Electric. My crew has worked so hard and put in so many long nights, it is great to see this success early in the season."

Tadek Stadniczuk won the Street Stock feature on May 10. It was his fourth career A feature win. "It was our first race since getting torn up on opening night. We worked really hard getting the car back together and it is definitely more fun to win than it is to wreck. A big thank you to all those that support our team; Monroe County Breast Center, Dr. David Clark & Bedford Dental, Health Services Connection, 1 Stop Speed Shop and Speedway Golf Carts. Thank you goes out to Dave Gumby for his help repairing the car last week. Thank you to Ethan and thanks to Gary for his help during the week and on Saturday. We couldn't do it without all the help from all of you."

On April 28, Corey Duane won his second career Street Stock A feature. "I just want it to say thank you to my wife Lindsay Duane, my kids, and thank you to the Limelight guys for all there help building and setting up the car. Paul P, David P, Brian B, and Nate W, they all help make it possible to go out and have a fun. Looking forward to an exciting 2nd year!"

From Rich Frantz's Facebook page. "Another pretty good night at the Rock...qualified fourth, second in the heat, and fourth in the feature ...vKinda looks like they're gonna have to pay attention to us all season. Very happy with the car. A few side notes ... I owe Landon Schuster a HUGE thank you! I got so out of shape, and didn't know what I was gonna hit. He let me save the car, then went back racing ... Class Act! ... also, very glad Guy Fire is ok today. He took a really hard hit in the feature...and finally, Jeffrey Kurzyniec did a great job in his first night racing ever. Great job JEF-FRY!" from the driver of the Playoff’s Sports Bar & Grill, Rose’s Head & Engine, Royal Truck and Trailer, and Eagle Graphics and Design #10 Facebook page.

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On the first night of racing april 28th Rob Moore won the A-main not Corey duane. Maybe got dates mixed up.